Cyndi (Redmond OR) ~ I really like the butt naked scents! :) the bath soaks are really nice for my skin
    and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!

    Donna (Redmond OR) ~ I LOVE the fragrance which surprised me because I can't stand coconut.
    I love how my skin feels after a bath.

    DAY SPA~
    Stacie (Bend OR) ~Finally got to take a much needed nice long hot bath with your salts the other night!!
    Wow!! Very relaxing!! My skin felt soft and moisturized afterwards!!! Thanks so much!

    Danielle (Bend OR) ~ I took a bath this am in your bath powder and so did Annie tonight!! Annie has had
    trouble with psoriasis, her skin us usually so dry and scaly. This is the first product I have found that has
    really helped.  We loved it!! We are both soft and smell so good!!  Thank you !!!!

Anonymous (Bend OR)
~ I love this lavender bath soak. The goat's milk makes my skin feel silky
while the dead sea salts help soothe my muscles. Overall, this is an amazing product as a treat
for yourself or a special gift for someone.

    Diane (Bend OR) ~ Love Love the Nag Champa Body Cream!!!

    Susan (Redmond OR) ~ I have never used a product as great as this. Throw away those high cost
    department potions! Look at the ingredients-no weird stuff. My skin feels wonderful.

    Roxie (Prineville OR) ~ My daughter gave me some of the Pomegranate Body Cream. It is
    wonderful and smells great too.

Angie (Bend OR)  
LOVE- LOVE - LOVE the Simply Pure Body Lotion and the Oatmeal Honey soap...
I have the MOST
sensitive skin on the planet and since finding you about a month ago, and using these
my skin has healed. I used too itch so bad I would bruise from it....Your my skin savior....
Thank you for making such a great product.

    Carol (Bend OR) ~ Have loved the soap for quite a while now, have become a BIG fan of the lip balm!  I
    am amazed at how long this lip balm lasts once you apply it, even after eating or brushing teeth!

    Carolyn (Powell Butte OR) ~ I love the lip balm because it stays creamy and smooth, and makes
    my lips feel luscious. The flavors are unique, and not too heavy. Now that I'm on the second cycle of
    the HCG diet where I can't have any oils (among other things), I find I'm missing your lip balm more
    than I miss wine....

Georgia (Condon OR) ~Best ever lip balm!!  Does not get hard and is creamy and works great!!  I'm anxious to
try your bath products.

Jill (Redmond OR) ~ I absolutely love love love the pomegranate lip balm. The flavor is yummy and
it is so nice and silky smooth on my lips. I carry it with me everywhere and its about time or me to get
another one! It
works better than anything else I have ever bought for my lips and tell everyone to go
get one of their own!

Jody Brosius (Bend OR) ~ I just have to tell you Thank You again!! :D I had never tried the lip moisturizer
before and I am completely satisfied. My lips are
extremely soft and I didn't have to keep reapplying it. I will
recommend it to all my friends :)

LeeAnne (Roanoke VA) ~ Your lip balm rocks.. I was out in the cold for two and a half hours this morning
working and playing with the dogs and drinking coffee, too. Reached for the lip balm out of habit when I got back
in the car and realized...I didn't need more...what I put on before I got out of the car was still great!
L-O-V-E it!!

    Lynn (Sisters OR) ~ I love this soap.  It is very moisturizing and smells heavenly.

    Stephanie (Bend OR) ~ Heard my stylist talking about it and talked her out of one of the bars she
    bought.  It is wonderful smelling and  very soft on the skin.  Love it!  Plan on buying more.

    Tricia (Slidell LA) ~  I LOVE this soap!! The scent is amazing and it leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I
    think that my next purchase will be the Coffee Caramel Cream scented body cream. :)

    Cyndi (Redmond OR) ~  I absolutely love your products! I enjoyed the scent of the cranberry
    peach cider although it's a limited seasonal soap. Each scent I have used is a new experience each
    time, and not only does it give you aromatherapy it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!! I can't imagine
    using any other kind of soap!

    Erin (Redmond OR) ~ I tried the Beach this morning. That stuff is amazing!  It may be my new favorite.
    You should make body spray and lotion too. Oooh beach lotion. Mmmm

    Kim (Santa Cruz CA) ~ The soap was fabulous!  We both loved  the consistency (way nicer than
    even other boutique soap).

    Melissa (Prineville OR) ~  I got this soap for Christmas, which was kind of a weird gift  to me lol.
    but now i know why i got it. its amazing! so smooth and rich, smells amazing, and i feel so soft after using
    it. thanks for making such great products!

    Carol (Bend OR) ~ Just started using this soap a few days ago  and I have already noticed a change
    in my skin (especially my  feet--so soft!)  The fragrance is so light, but very refreshing...I'm very pleased so
    far!  Can't wait to try the others.

    Elizabeth (Bend OR) ~ I love all the Bantam Lane Natural Farm soaps but my kitchen
    favorite is Grapefruit/Lemon because it takes away ALL the yuckie smells, even barnyard odor.

    Shelby (Salem OR) ~ Got my soap today - it smells so amazing & is so creamy!!
    Love, love, love it!

    Heidi (Newberg OR) ~ Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this soap!! Have to fight my friend Gena to
    keep enough of it around!!

    Tiffany (Bend OR) ~  My mom and I love the lavender soap and she tried to sneak mine into her purse. I
    like how it leaves my skin feeling so soft.

    Lynne (Manzanita OR) ~ Dear Soap Lady,  I wanted you to know  that I am very particular about which
    soaps I use since I do not like  to dry out my skin.  Your soap not only lathered wonderfully, but  rinsed off
    really well and left my skin soft and not at all dry.  I would recommend that great soap to anyone who likes
    a nice,  creamy but without leaving residue on the skin soap.  Thanks for the experience.

Dianne (Christmas Valley OR)
~ The Soap they sell is INCREDIBLE!!! Lathers up well
and smells Good and makes the skin feel
so smooth and soft!!!! You won't be disappointed :)

Darlene (Nashville TN)
~ Just got my Obsidian Stout beer soap in the mail - WOW! This smells wonderful!  The
exfoliation is fabulous, and my husband says this is
the best thing he's ever used!

    Laurie (Las Vegas NV) ~I tend to like natural products, and while in Oregon I had the privilege of visiting
    this goat farm where the products are made. I picked up some body soap, bath salt, and lotion.
    I love them all! Thanks, Tara!

    Jill (Redmond OR) ~I wanted to tell you that I tried some samples I had received from another soap
    maker, and wow ...yours are so much better! Theirs made my skin feel all sticky and greasy. Your products
    are by far superior to others that I have tried made locally! Keep up the good work!

    Diane (Alfalfa OR) ~ I love, love, love the bath soak, the lotion and the soap. They are the best I've used.
    They smell wonderful (pomegranate, raspberry vanilla) everything really! Super creamy soap, and
    moisturizing, but not sticky lotion.

‎Dream Pebbles Bath (Bend OR) ~ Customers are loving your products! Your beer soaps are flying
off the shelves but my personal favorite is the Nag Champa goat's milk lotion!
I'm always excited to place another order & add something new from you for my shop, great job!

Carol (Bend OR) ~ I love every soap that I've tried, so moisturizing and leaves no soapy residue. The cucumber
lip balm is a definite must have. And my new found love is the Simply Pure body creme,
soaks right into your skin and leaves them
so soft!

Lynn (Prineville OR) ~ My daughter had a rash all along her legs and left arm. I took her to the Dr. and they
said she has
eczema. So i asked what the next steps were he told me that he wanted to put her on
steroid drugs to help calm the itching and lessen the rash. At first I did it (for about a month) but didn't like
the fact of putting steroids on my daughter or pumping her full of the other meds the Dr. wanted to put her on. So
I started looking for alternative methods. I heard amazing things about natural raw cows milk and goats milk. So I
started looking for body products that would help and this is when i found your WONDERFUL
product. I called and asked what the best product would be and Tara was very helpful and suggested i try the
simply pure. So I ordered a bar for my daughter and a bar of the cucumber tea tree soap for my husband
because he has battled
acne his whole life. I got the product home and with in 4 days my daughters eczema was
and my husbands face only had like 2 pimples on it, and with in the week his face was CLEARED!!! I do
have to say I will forever be a customer and cannot thank Bantam Lane Farms for giving me a peace of mind that
I don't have to pump my family full of medicines and chemicals to help them. I can do it 100% natural as nature
intended us to do. I could never express my gratitude enough to you and your family. Thanks.
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