July 8th, 2019

To Bantam Lane Natural Farms

At Bantam Lane Natural Farms we believe that some of the best practices
are also some of the very oldest practices. We raise our livestock as
close to the way that nature intended.
We organically raise our own hay and feeds here at the ranch to get the
best quality feed we can for our animals.  
This way we have complete hands on control of what goes into our
Our products are hand made, hand poured, each piece is hand cut, hand
bottled and hand labeled. All with most love and the deepest thought of
who that product might go and help.
This is our approach to making the highest quality skin care products
that we can for you.

Natural ingredients, equal natural beneficial nourishment.

We welcome you to visit our Farms see our practices
first hand and get a better understanding as to how we
work with nature to produce products that not only
benefit you but our planet as well.
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