Lip Balm
Natural ~ Long Lasting
Cucumber Lip Moisturizer
Fresh, cool cucumber.
Honey Lip Moisturizer
Warm, fresh honey.
Pomegranate Lip Moisturizer
Juicy, ripe pomegranate.
Intensive moisture treatment for your lips.
Latte Lip Moisturizer
A delicious latte with a splash of vanilla.
Orange Creamsicle Lip Moisturizer
A scrumptious blend of orange and vanilla.
Peppermint Lip Moisturizer
Tantalizing peppermint. Cool and refreshing!
Chocolate Lip Moisturizer
Rich, dark chocolate.
Melon Mania Lip Moisturizer
A yummy trio of juicy cantaloupe, green honeydew and sweet red watermelon.
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