How we became Bantam Lane

Hi, I'm Jana.

Mom, crazy goat lady, etc…

Jana's Story

I am for sure a crazy goat lady!
It is for sure that goats are like potato chips. You can’t have just one!

Because we got one, then we got two, and they multiplied! LOL!!
Although we had goats when I was a kid,  I had not had goats for many years until we
had our oldest son, Tyson. After some convincing from his friends when he was in kindergarten, Tyson decided he wanted to join goat 4-H in our county.

We purchased two Alpine kids, a wether (Jack) who later became his amazing Pack goat and a doe (Sky) from our dear friends the Obergs in Toledo, WA who had an amazing goat dairy nearby.

Those little goats began our journey into the amazing goat world and the wonderful
people we have met along the way, as well as my dream to make goat milk products.

We now raise purebred Nubians and purebred Toggenburgs. These products are truly amazing and have done wonders for our family’s skin, from dry skin to extreme eczema.

We also raise Augus and Simmental Beef cows as well as a Quarter horse or two.
My Oldest has grown out of his goats now. He has moved on to raising some amazing
beef animals and very successfully races motocross, which we’re very proud of!  

The younger kids and I have inherited the goats, and we have become a very strong 4-H and FFA family. We believe that these programs are the best things for kids to join in.

I myself have been a 4-H leader for 9 years and a Fair Barn Superintendent for 7.
I was even voted 4-H Leader of the year in Washington one year! That was such an honor as I love working with kids!

Thank you for trying our products. They truly are amazing!

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